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al Jawfa-Jawasreh Village, Jordan



al Jawfa-Jawasreh Village, Jordan


What Is The Greening The Desert Project?

The Greening the Desert Project is living proof that we can reverse desertification and

bring back life to desolate barren lands.

By living in harmony with nature

and applying permaculture design practices to the landscape

the possibilities are endless.

We Are All Part Of The Solution!


“At The Greening The Desert Project,

we believe that humans have a duty to be

the most beneficial element in an environment

instead of the most destructive.

"Our project aims to inspire people around the world

to take matters in their own hands

and tackle the big environmental issues

that threaten our very existence as a species on this planet.

We want to help people to not only live sustainably

but to live a regenerative lifestyle

that can create

a permanent regenerative global culture.”

- Nadia & Geoff Lawton

The Greening The Desert Project Follows The Ethics Of Permaculture:



Provisions for all life systems to continue and multiply.



Provision for people to access those resources necessary to their existence.



By governing our own needs we can set resources aside to further the care of earth and people.


About The Site


The site is located in the Al Jawfa area in western Jordan, Shouneh Janobieh (i.e., South Shouneh), in the Dead Sea Valley just 10km north of the Dead Sea and 6 km east of the Jordanian-Palestinian border, directly east of the West Bank. The local population is made up of traditional Bedouin tribes and long-term refugees stemming from displacement of local populations from within Palestine. The project site is typical of the area – a marginal arid-land low-income settlement. 


The Project site demonstrates energy-efficient appropriate housing with natural cooling systems and a plant nursery attachment, solar electricity, solar hot water, biological waste water treatment recycling, dry compost toilets, rainwater harvesting earthworks and diverse interactive plant, animal and tree systems for local food production and processing. The demonstration house functions as a classroom and administration office for the project and local Permaculture group. The project also has a on site cafe and eolodge that will help to contriute to the funding of the project whilst housing and catering for guests that can learn a great deal by visiting the project. 

Why Jordan?


Desertification is one of the most prevalent and critical global issues humanity has to face. More than 2.1 billion people live in drylands,  and most of these deserts are manmade, They have been created over decades of abusing the earth. Forest have been cleared wetlands drained, groundwater and aquifers depleted, in turn the soil has been ploughed, poisoned, compacted, over grazed, washed away and blown away. 


This has resulted in vast global soil erosion, and what we are left with is salty rocky barren lands that can’t hold water or support much life.  This was our starting point here in Jordan. On top of that, the sites climate and altitude make it possibly one of the harshest inhabited desert regions in the world. And this is a big part of why we chose it. The idea was that if we can succeed here we can succeed anywhere and  in any desert!.



we can succeed here



we can succeed anywhere 



in any desert!”


Nadia & Geoff Lawton

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