If Nouveau #4

By YOU, Wherever YOU are, do it NOW





If -------------------------




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Then ---------------






Offered to:

------------, -----------, -----------

Inspired by:

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Inspiration around the block:


Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rimouski, Quebec, Canada



Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rimouski, Quebec, Canada


Kasàlaction is a citizen movement with a goal to support personal and social transformation.

It was initiated by Jean Kabuta over thirty years ago and now enjoys an

extensive network of partners in Africa, Europe and North America. 


Kasàlaction’s core belief is that nurturing a poetic perspective onto the world is

a powerful way to support and inspire both

personal and community transformations. 


Kasàlaction's mission is to inspire, awaken, connect and support local communities that are

committed to reinventing themselves for the better and away from their devastating environments,

to foster action through poetry and

to poeticize the world.








My name is Kasàlà Praise-Poetry

I am also known as Izibongo Oriki Amazina

And numerous other names

According countries and languages

I was born very long ago

In those times I was only spoken

I am from Central and Southern Africa

I am from Eastern and Western Africa

I was already known and written in Ancient Egypt

And even in Mesopotamia and later in Greco-Roman times

Under the forms of Inscription or Aretalogy

You will find me in the Mahabharata and in other holy scriptures too

However in those times

I was only enjoyed by gods and kings and queens

It's a pleasure to reveal a few peculiarities of mine

That make me so attractive and so powerful


I step in to support major life transitions

Birth wedding welcoming farewells

Especially the ultimate farewell the return to the invisible

Indeed nobody accesses the ancestor status

Unless they're escorted by me

For this reason I am ritual poetry

I am oral and public poetry

I am a poetry to be recited and heard

I am the ideal medium to celebrate the other oneself or God

In other words to celebrate life in all its manifestations

Through flowery epithets strong names and clan mottos

Through daring metaphors and unexpected hyperboles

Through savory praises and initiation symbols


I am a special and incantatory language

Being rhythm movement source and life source

I convene the body I convene the whole being

I thus speak to spirits to ancestors to animals to plants to stones

Therefore I am rather parataxic and concise and silent

I am connexion poetry

I connect humans with other humans

I connect the human being with him- or herself

I connect human beings with The-more-than-Human

I convene the ancestors and The-Ultimate-Ancestor

I sail between the visible and the invisible


I am The-Highlighter-of-high-deeds The-Highliter-of-challenges-met

In order to invite human beings

To remind their nobility

I acknowledge and praise individuals beyond their groups

I acknowledge their particular merits

And congratulate them most warmly

For all these reasons

I am The-Right-Word The-Ultimate-Word

I stir up strong emotions because I touch the life core




I am Ubuntu

Good inside and a Gift outside


My name is Ubuntu

The Art-of-Being-Human

You can't speak of Man

You can't speak of Life 

Without speaking of me


I am Compassion

That sympathizes with the other

I am Empathy and I suffer with her or him

I also rejoice for their successes 

I am

Generosity Gratitude and Respect

Hospitality Fraternity and Humanity

Benevolence Sollicitude and Welcoming

Presence Pardon and Reconciliation

Patience Listening and Attention

In short I am Wisdom


I am​ the Horizon for 

The good woman and the good man

I am the supreme Value

I invoque the person

I remind her or him their nobility 

Through their strong names 

I am Celebration

I celebrate the essentiel 

That is, life energy and beauty

In other words life in the person

I talk to their core called chi



I invite them to honor their dignity

And to use the available tools

To take their legitimate chair

Nobody is worth less or more

Than their fellow men !


I am Master of my mouth

I know the strength of the the word

I do not shoot my mouth off

I know the value of silence

I am perfect Discretion


I can step aside

So the other can pass

I am a Renewed Person

I share my space my time

I share my food my happiness

Senghor the Admirable rightly said

I feel the other I dance the other

Hence I am


A sentence summerises me : 

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu

This means in ordinary language :

The human being is first of all relational

They only exist thanks to the others

My life gets its sense only through the others

The other as a condition of my emergence

The other as a mirror that allows me

To be aware of myself

To awake to life


Jean Kabuta & Kasalaction

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