If Nouveau #7

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Thar desert, Rajasthan, India



Thar desert, Rajasthan, India

Since the 15th century, the Bishnois of Rajasthan, India have made

wildlife and environment protection

their life’s work.  


In 1485,

by offering a set of 29 rules to live by to restore life and abundance,

a man named Jamboji single-handedly saved his community from exodus

as it was facing the threat of

draught and environmental disaster.


Out of the 29 tenets:


10 are directed towards personal hygiene and maintaining good basic health,

7 are for healthy social behaviour,

4 are about the worship of God

8 have been prescribed to preserve bio-diversity 






Observe a 30-day state of ritual impurity after child's birth and keep mother and child away from household activities.

Observe a 5-day segregation while a woman is in her menses.

Bathe daily in the morning before sunrise.

Obey the ideal rules of life: modesty, patience or satisfactions, cleanliness.

Pray twice everyday (morning and evening).

Eulogise God, Vishan, in the evening Aarti

Perform Yajna with the feelings of welfare devotion and love.

Use filtered water, milk and cleaned firewood.

Speak pure words in all sincerity.

Practice forgiveness from the heart.

Be merciful with sincerity.

Do not steal nor harbour any intention to do it.

Do not condemn or criticize.

Do not lie.

Do not indulge in dispute/debate.

Fast on Amavasya 

Worship and recite Lord Vishan in adoration.

Be merciful to all living beings and love them.

Do not cut green trees, save the environment.

Crush lust, anger, greed and attachment.

Cook your food by yourself.

Provide shelters for abandoned animals to avoid them from being slaughtered in abattoirs.

Do not sterilise bulls.

Do not use or trade opium.  

Do not smoke or use tobacco or its products.

Do not take bhang or hemp.

Do not drink alcohol/liquor.

Do not eat meat, always remain purely vegetarian.

Do not use violet blue colour extracted from the indigo plant.






Paris, France




Franck Vogel is a photojournalist working on social and environmental issues and focusing on

the unique relationship between Man and Nature

in an effort to illustrate that

it’s possible to live in harmony.

His epic work about the Bishnoi community in India (an environmentalist community since the 15th century)

and his recent work to denounce the Albino killings in Tanzania

have been featured in magazines and exhibited around the world. 


In 2013, Bishnoi religious and political leaders rewarded Franck with

the highest honours to acknowledge his tireless efforts

to promote the Bishnoi culture. 


Franck is currently focusing on global transboundary water conflicts and has completed stories about 

the Nile, Brahmaputra, Colorado, Jordan, Mekong, Ganges and Zambezi rivers.

The first book of a two-volume set by La Martinière Publishing was released in September 2016.

In a world where most global reports represent the worst,

Franck enjoys sharing his message of hope with audiences in

schools, communities and organizations around the world. 

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